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My name is Brian Howell and I have had about 10 months of uScript experience along with several years of C/C++ experience. I recently graduated college with a Bachelor's in Game and Simulation Programming, in which I received a 4.0GPA. If you would like to check out my portfolio at I think it can better help you assess my skills. I've been working on another project for 10 months, but due to an NDA, I can't really share any of the code as an example. I feel my strong suits are in gameplay as that is mostly what I have been working with within uScript. I understand OOP concepts very well and am interested in working with a dedicated team on an interesting IP.

This is just my initial inquiry, and while I am interested in joining, it would depend on other factors that I would like to discuss with someone (not sure if I should inquire about such things in a forum post). Thank you for your time.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your application. I had a look at your projects and I like the idea behind the Space Gerbils most. Pretty original. The work on a big indie is a bit more than most of the school work, but I guess you've seen that with Plagued ;)

I had a look at Plagued, or what's available from it, and it looks like it's in early production. I was wondering why you'd like to join us. Is their progress not fast enough? Do you have time for two projects? Just curious.

What would you say about doing (advanced) animation systems, including replication? This means coop moves with some dynamic path-finding (we won't be using any PathNodes, so you'll have to use traces), replication of the moves and some simple state machines. Of course, the start would be the more basic moves that rely on a few simple traces. Animation (we have about 150 Spy animations, not sure if those included all mirrored anims) is currently lacking in our implementation and would give the feeling of the gameplay a real boost. The animations themselves are done and ready to be exported. We have our own IO system that handles stuff like holding a button vs tapping a button.

Working on our freeroaming system might be part of it (ledge detection, grabbing of any environment, pipe detection), but that's mostly up to the programmer who's currently doing that. For this, you'll need good trigonometry.

Optionally, we're looking for some camera adjustments (for example, going from a 3rd person camera to a nice over-the-shoulder look). 3D math and various curve systems (Bezier etc) would be a great plus for that.

For other questions, you can contact me via Private Message.


(just to finish this thread, BreakerofGames has had another opportunity and he's working on stuff somewhere else)


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