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21 (22 next week)
College Senior pursuing a BS in Computer Science, with a specialization in Computer Systems programming. Also working at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics as a student IT Technician.

I'm applying for a position as a programmer.
I am best with C and C++, as well as assembler (on the x86 and x86_64 platforms). I've developed on all platforms, but work mostly with Linux and Windows.
I've worked on several of my own projects in C++, most recently a simulation environment for AI experiments.  Some of my work is available on my website noted above, but should you need more (especially source code) contact me directly, and I'll be happy to send you what I've got.

You may see a partial portfolio at

I appreciate your time and consideration.

Hi nighthawk7000,

First of all, thanks for your application.

You can probably guess the various things that go into programming a game. What part would have your preference?
Basically you can pick from the following: low-level, replication, animation integration, Scaleform, gameplay, networking, miscelleneous, tools, technical documentation, 3D math for cameras and visual effects.



Hey frvge,

I'm best with working low-level components and networking. If necessary I can also work on the 3D math components. Let me know if you need better examples of my previous work, my posted link doesn't actually have much in terms of source code.

I'd like to see some OOP and/or data structures. If you like networking, we could use an event-loop driven master server. I was originally going to make that in NodeJS, but a nice C++ implementation would be good too. I'm not sure we need that scale, but it's fun to think about. Or a good lerp between the current camera position and the 'over the shoulder' view when aiming as a Spy for the 3D math part.

Alright, were do you want me to send some of my OOP example work? I can also send some networking examples too, since that sounds the most appealing to me.


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