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Hi all,

We're very pleased to be able to show you the early alpha footage of the lobby of Asylum. Please watch it at Youtube or IndieDB or Steam Greenlight (don't forget to favourite :) ):

Zedblade worked hard the past weeks on getting this out. Asylum has been restarted by different level designers for about 3 times, which of course affected the progress on the map. Fortunately we now have an experienced level designer and environment artist on it, so the map will finally get the love and attention it deserves. We're looking forward to your comments on this :)

Music by Theodore Wohng.

Thanks for your patience,


[post script: did you find the 4 hidden Spies?]

Nice, good job to all the developers, and I'm glad to see you guys are still making progress in the game :)

I found 1 spy or possibly 2.

I was spoilt with the number of spies on the youtube video in the comments. EDIT: Oh didn't see it was in the post too, lol
But I still found all of them all.

Also the video proves that this game will be more "stealthy" than SCPT or SCCT, so i hope merc will be more of a threat aside from just headshots.

Looking freaking raw guys. Keep it up!

Scanty Chunk:


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