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I was thinking of applying here for 2 months so here we go  :)

Name: clown
Age: 20

I finished school 2 months ago and going to study computer science at university.
But until university starts(October), i've got a lot of time to spent and it's driving me crazy I have nothing to do.
I'm interested in computers and programming (and gaming) since i'm 12(?) years old and i tried out many things.
Especially Splinter Cell influenced my childhood, and i started working with the unreal editor.
Two and a half years ago EPIC released it's development kit and i got in touch with unrealscript.
First i didn't know how to handle it, but until today i made a good progress.
I do not have a portfolio, but i've got a youtube channel with some videos about unrealscript (

Following your blog for like two years, i've noticed the slow progress and many people joining and leaving your team
and as a fan of splinter cell the best thing i can do is offering my help to finish this project.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Hi Clown,

Thanks for your application. The videos look IMO good. Does the ledge climbing also work with models and with non-90 degree angles?


Unfortunately the climbing system does not work yet with non 90 degrees angles, but changing this isn't a big deal.
I developed it some months ago and didn't finished it because of i don't know how to animate and that's why it looks a little bit strange.
And for sure it works with models.

To clarify, it should work with non-BSP things, for example collision models of props.

The system works on base of collision models:


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