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Level Design/Lens Flares/Some Particle Effects

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My name is Trevor Thomas and I've been designing levels for about 6 years. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow was the first multiplayer game I've ever played and was one of the reasons I got into game development, so it'd be a dream of mine to work on this game. I'd love to come on as a level designer. I don't model my own assets as well. In level design I aim for balancement in the level, which I feel like levels in games these days lack.

I am also capable of other things like designing lens flares, I can make simple particles effects like snow, rain, gust's, smoke, and more. I can texture in photoshop, edit videos, I am a music composer as well. I've also figured out how to make dust on screen, or lens debri like you see in AAA games today.

I've attached some pictures of a scene I through together which I think, out of all of my work, would match this game closely. It also has examples of some lens debri work.

Thank you,
Trevor Thomas

P.S. Just found out I can't attach any pictures. Could I have an email to send them too?

Actually here's some pics of a scene I've been working on. (Found out how to do it)

Two of the mesh's in this scene are my own, and the rest are a mix of UDK, mesh's a friend made for me, and downloaded from free websites.

Although the dirty lens flare is my own, and the technical stuff I did in UDK.

Here's what I've got so far:

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the application. I'm mostly interested in the particles. Can you make a video with sparks and so on, when a weapon  hits a metal surface?


I think I can do that. Just give me a little bit of time. :D

I'm trying to get that particle effect done, but the ceiling at my house has collapsed leaving me deprived of doing any work. On Monday everything should be back to normal, then
I should have that particle effect video finished for you.


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