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Tester - Recorder - Sound Engineer - Concept Artist


You know me, teh ston3 :D. I can do all of the other section, and possibly concept art.... get back to me ;)
Sig for contact info, i made a menu select sound if you want to hear it
EDIT- Exact info

Sound engineers:
Task: Creating music and sound effects.

Task: Testing pre-release versions.

Task: Creating concept footage for the modellers from the original Versus Mode.

Concept Artist:
Task: Creating visuals for the modellers to work to

Upload the audio: There's an upload function in the additional options if you edit your post. Make sure you add a sample of your drawings here as well.

What exactly are the positions you're applying for? Sound engineer, concept art... anything else?

Here's the standard message that I post below every sollicitation.  :D
Thanks for the offer. Check the site to stay up to date. When enough people have signed up, we're going to assemble the actual team. In the meantime you can chat in the public discussion about the game. Don't forget to spread the word. We still need more developers.

Done, ill make some drawings on some stuff later

Here's some drawings, did them in 2 minutes but here's a rough idea of what i can do, view in fullscreen so you can see it well, it's not so bold

Alright. That should provide a general idea of what you're capable of.


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