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Join Us / uScript Gameplay Programmer
« on: January 16, 2012, 10:02:21 PM »
My name is Brian Howell and I have had about 10 months of uScript experience along with several years of C/C++ experience. I recently graduated college with a Bachelor's in Game and Simulation Programming, in which I received a 4.0GPA. If you would like to check out my portfolio at I think it can better help you assess my skills. I've been working on another project for 10 months, but due to an NDA, I can't really share any of the code as an example. I feel my strong suits are in gameplay as that is mostly what I have been working with within uScript. I understand OOP concepts very well and am interested in working with a dedicated team on an interesting IP.

This is just my initial inquiry, and while I am interested in joining, it would depend on other factors that I would like to discuss with someone (not sure if I should inquire about such things in a forum post). Thank you for your time.

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