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Join Us / Level Design / Assets
« on: August 28, 2013, 04:35:50 PM »
Hey there,

Back from a long time away and finally training

Moved from England where I learnt everything by myself, but now living in Belgium studying Digital Arts and Entertainment. Ill be starting my 2nd year in September and I have chosen Game Design as my major.

My passion is level design, done it for personal projects but i'll be seeing it more in depth in my up coming 3rd semester.
With the necessary knowledge of referencing, conceptual art, blueprinting, optimizing, refining, use of light and shadow.
Working with UDK and Cryengine
Knowledge of

I can model in low and high poly - Ngon free with low polycounts
From references to thumbnailing, clean optimized unwraps and texturing with alphas etc.. and great materials knowledge
Modelling really doesn't take me very long at all, as I LOVE it  :D

Structured, managed workflow, easy for other team members to jump in and help editing if need be.
Easy to work with, giving creative criticism and feedback.

Of course anything I learn in university will be easily transferable.

Can program if needs be! C++

Restrictions are: University, Uni projects, Taekwondo and preparing for Independent Gaming Festival. A little school assignment got a bit more praise then we expected  ;D

Look forwarding to help as I'm trying to like Blacklist and its a total flop



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