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General / Off-Topic / SC Black List "confirms spy vs merc"?
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:40:45 AM »
Ok so here, I want people to give their thoughts on (choose any that you like):

A) How will Ubi fuck up spy vs mercs this time around? (e.g. spy elbows in CT, no elbow in DA, now no jumping in BL? xD )

B) Which of the Spy vs merc do you suspect ubi will "Bring back" the DA one? the CT one? or just the name!?

C) What are your criteria in order to decide whether you would buy this game or not?

D) What will happen to this project?

Public Discussion / Merc frag launcher question
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:32:45 AM »
Can you please make the frags project at the speed and range seen in CT and not the speed and range DA (slower speed lower range)? I want to ask this because I think it can impact gameplay somewhat strongly. What are the PS team's thoughts on this particular topic?

Like very small tasks that don't have to steep of a learning curve and that may help in getting game out. Small tasks that may have to be done more than once or that can serve to solve a larger problem? And I don't mean stuff like "Give us a like on Steam or give us a like on IndieDB, or applaud next to your monitor at home". Something that actually helps develop a certain small aspect of the game.

Public Discussion / Many ideas in one post
« on: November 22, 2012, 10:00:25 AM »
So I reinstalled SCCT and I am once again playing after many many years. I noticed the control scheme is very primitive! There are many inconsistencies in the ways in which buttons work for the player in the game.

Buttons cannot be shared across merc and spy (in some functions). Please set up the game so that fewer buttons can be used for the same or analogous tasks across characters. Also allow for more than one key binding to a specific action. One for the keyboard and one for the mouse if desired for example (more customization). Also, If camnet is incorporated, it would be nice to have a button for going directly into it by pressing it, not to have to select it and go into it. Same for gas mask. Push a button and "bam" it's on. Not like "select first, then enable"... This would be analogous to the sticky cam button. You don't have to select it then press "v" to view through an already deployed cam; once deployed, you just press a button and go into it. Also allow for the same button to be pressed in order to disable the function (like with the visions). For example, pressing the "gas mask button" again will disable it. Also allow for ''v'' to exit spy cam, not just go into it (as it is in scct).  Also, Allow for three "Quick actions". That is, to be able to "throw to the feet" three different things (instead of just two, like in scct), by push of a button. So for example if I have flash, smoke and chaff, and sticky cam, I could now throw the three nade types to the feet if desired.

Also, the merc has the ability to choose an array of weapons (rifle, smg or shotgun), well maybe the spy could too, in a way, have a choice. Maybe the option of either carrying a shocker gun or not carrying it. The benefit of not carrying it perhaps being of having the ability to run a bit faster or more camo suit energy, trade off being, having to deploy stuff by throwing it (or placing it by hand).  Perhaps the spy with out the shocker gun can get a remote hacking device like the one we see in SCDA, but give it limitations like for example. Must hack in direct line of sight with the objective, there is a limited range and rate of hack is slowed down.

If nobody likes that fine. I don't care, the control customization is a must though. Having less complex controls that allow for more actions with less buttons will decrease the learning curve of the game by a lot and make it much more accessible without making it less complex "or commercial". One important example: Coop moves and hacking terminals are never located close enough to each other to the point were using the same button would cause any unwanted outcomes; therefore, just call the "shift" button "interact with environment" rather than "use", now every time the environment presents a situation where the spy (or merc can do something with it), just make the same button do it. No more need for a "coop" button. That is just one example, there are like ten things that can be improved in the same way. I will post once I remember. Also, the back pack is kind of dumb, I mean If you have it, it is ok for it to take up a slot, but why does the merc have to even have to select it in his HUD and  "use" it to re-stock his other items. I mean, if he has the damn backpack, he should just have more of each item and that's it! (You can still cap the number of deployed mines to three and all). The backpack doesn't even need to be equipped in SCCT in order to share the items with your partner, they just approach you and take them by pressing a button; then why do you have to equip the damn thing to get them yourself if they are on you already?!?!?!?! No fucking sense!!!! Just traces of a poorly thought-out control scheme by Ubi... Too many functional inconsistencies!!! It is not practical...

Say what you think...

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