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Public Discussion / Re: Gadget Idea: Tracker Bullets
« on: December 09, 2013, 02:23:09 PM »
It's interesting, but I feel like it's overpowered in the merc's favor. It's essentially forcing the spy to play 10x better than he would have to before, because (sometimes stray) hit from a merc's gun would guarantee a volley of bullets and grenades towards the offending spy. It would also encourage mercs to spray bullets when they have extra bullets (with a backpack or next to ammo refills if PS will have those), hoping to get a lucky hit on the spy no matter how stealthy a spy was playing.

Nerf it, but that would be cheap... the formula you have now is great, i think maybei misjudged it, being tainted by theat vixen we call Blakclist lol...

BTW The UI is looking fairly decent, but it needs to be cleaner and better organised ;).

Public Discussion / Re: community funding example to follow
« on: December 08, 2013, 07:15:33 PM »
I vote "Early Access on Steam"... Assetto Corsa is "My Racing Simulator" by kunos simulazioni, and it got patched nicely, with multiple cars and tracks, replacing a track with a vintage verion(which 'm disappointed about), but the fact they upgraded card and tracks is a big step, the quality is top notch now, oh i forgot, they addded 8x FXAA instead of just 4X that was brroekn, all fixed now and i ride around Imola in Italy iin my Pagani Zonda R, still dropping into 1st gear to make a 135 degree turn and slamming it into 2nd to spin and countering oversteer with throttle management and revese steering(opposite direction of turn) to make my hotlaps just a little faster.

Whew, enough about Asetto Corsa, "Early Acess" Game is the way to go, with patches and Greenlight to get you noticed....

Public Discussion / Re: Gadget Idea: Tracker Bullets
« on: December 08, 2013, 07:04:41 PM »
3 Words: I Like it!!

Ok so I bought Blacklist for the SOLO and COOP and wasn't disappointed by the crossbow and sleeping gas... very effective, i can sweep an area, K.O. the guards and sneak up on HVT's... good stuff.

Graphics and cut-scenes were pretty great, the whole story first-time-'round was pretty amazing, took a while to get used to controls so i even skipped the first mission, to get to the Paladin and configure my controls (I'm not a WASD player, i use arrows)...

So i finished the Campaign several times and COOP'ed with numerous partners mostly on Briggs' Campaign...

Then i got into SvM, slowly(lol)... there were mostly rank 40+-56 in there and i had no clue what the gear did, vision modes etc...

So i am level 52 or 53 now, i have a solid grasp on what's a good place to hide, how to use my mic and gather my team effectively (i have a really good mic came with my Creative Recond 3D Falat1ty PCIE Champion Sound Card), where the Defenders will be hiding, when to gas and when to mine, etc. When to hack, when to wait, etc.

It's a decent game, bit of a kill fest without the "True Feeling" of Legacy SvM, what with the Remote Hacking and "simple, small" Maps...

I created a Blacklist SvM site called "" for Legends and Newbs to come and group up, mainly for everyone to sift through the community and weed out the cheaters, configure the private matches on PC to cater to the elite, and newer crowd who may not know everything about the game, how the vision modes work as i said, how the Torso "Abilities" work...

link is here:

And a direct link to the FAQ i set up about Blacklist, rather lengthy explanation of some of Blacklist's confusing aspects for newcomers:

Hope it helps for anyone who bought Blacklist because it is closer to the roots in SOLO and COOP than Conviction ever was.

Thanks and Good Luck, the Progress is looking nice, i saw that screen of the spy hacking the PC while his mate was in full-stride ;).

I was playing some Blacklist solo, and was on the "Hacker's Den" map where there are cameras spotted around the industrial zones... Long story short it got me remembering the old days of CT cameras and how i had a difficult time with them while being chased by a merc.

But the point is it made me remember being a merc and on a map like clubhouse or Station, it was sooo easy to spawn camp on the spies, made it almost impossible for spies to get out of the spawn and made the game feel stupid if you know what i mean.

I think every map should have 4-5 spawn points to just wash that all away, so the mercs never know where exactly the spies will spawn and the objectives will become the priority, also merc spawns should be varied just as much so the reciprocal doesn't happen.

Sorry for creating a new thread if this has been discussed before but the last post i seen about spawns was from 2011...

General / Off-Topic / Re: Oculus VR: useful or a gimmick?
« on: August 27, 2013, 10:48:29 PM »
Racer games would definitely be cool to play, Even TrackIR is useful as heck, where you can simply turn your head and see other players' cars... if you can do that AND in VR, would make it that much more amazing.

k, heard you were having some troubles meeting MB limits, and that's the best software i've used.

Good Luck!

General / Off-Topic / Re: SCCT Versus Maps
« on: August 25, 2013, 08:39:31 PM »
2. why would the person care anyway since it is only a person, not a company?
That sounds like: We are bigger than you, so shut up.

You simply can't do that, how would you feel if Ubisoft would take your map and call it their own, potentially sell it and you don't get a dime for it?

It actually happened with a level of EpicJohn, Epic copied one of his maps (HEAVILY inspired) and it became quite an affair.

Yup, it happens, still worng but technically legal, thoughi wouldn't recommend it ;).

General / Off-Topic / Re: Blacklist - Anyone getting it?
« on: August 25, 2013, 08:34:48 PM »
yeah, anyone on the fence about it not being a Real Splinter cell in terms of Solo/CoOp, it really is a great game.

i have found and been using "Any Video Coverter" which is free to use unregistered, and it supports a ton of formats, almost all phone and apple formats, flash .swf, and handles .mkv files, just thought i'd share whilei burn a DvD of "The Dictator" from a rip with it, and have been using it for converting 115MB video files exported from flash for my music into 15MB .swf files for youtube.

Ha!... didn't expect to see anyone active in here this late...

Blacklist is freakin' awesome, but i didn't get it for SvM.

Lol, you kidding?... I'm always a night owl.  ;)
But overall yes you're right Blacklist isn't that bad. Though they're still some flaws tied to it that need fixing.  :P

Because of the 3 playstyles in Blacklist Solo/CoOp... Flaws is a subjective opinion in this case... As i stated previously, the random climbing over objects and accidental action/melee mix-up has never happened to me, and i completed more than half the game with mostly Panther playstles, Non-Lethal, but not Ghost.

There are a crap-ton of missions and i fully am prepared to start in-order (i wouldn't start a new game for fear the savegames tied to Pre-Order Bonuses will be deleted), i will be moving progressivley from Normal to Perfectionist, and Moving as quickly as possible to full-stealth run-throughs.

The forced action was always there since SC1, and the Stealth score i get in CT is atrocious, i just cannot connect to the charcter with the "binary" way Sam moves in games like CT/DA... i failed Displace so many times trying to move through the laser you need to OCP simply because i nudged the move key a little too much, that i pretty much only play it with a downloaded savegame and only the missions i am interested in due to looks/ atmosphere/ challenge and complexity. Penthouse is a great example, and Seoul is another.

SC1 has CIA HQ which is blown away by **SPOLIER** **HIGHLIGHT TO VIEW** Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Site F, in Denver... those missions are crazy Legacy-esque and the movement scheme, though modified from Conviction, are great for getting your ass to another spot instead of the gradient, free-roaming movement in Legacy.

I do NOT like Mark& Execute, but then again i don't have to use it, it's both a wall-hack and an aimbot... Sure i get pissed when i miss a headshot in SAR, but i can only get pissed at myself, because the mechanic was to wait and stalk, not just bust in and start poppin' dudes.

Public Discussion / Re: Estimated date?
« on: August 24, 2013, 08:54:30 AM »
immidietly dismiss it as a "copy"

I would agree with Maister_Neo here because just look at MineCraft. There's all kinds of games in the Xbox Live Indie game marketplace that has gameplay similar to MineCraft's though the actual game itself has a variety of different features to them. Though people still call those games a rip-off of MineCraft.

So the only question is that, will this same situation apply to Project Stealth? Because the entire game is very similar to Chaos Theory's and Pandora Tomorrow's multiplayer. Yet it has a variety of different features. But due to people not taking their time to actually play something that should be worth playing instead of some piece of shit game that came from classic to mainstream, and with their very low intellect. They'll still excuse it as a "rip-off".

Now this does makes me angry like everyone else because apparently no one understands the fact that the game is in the same genre.  :P

If Minecraft went dead and they released a junk version after, those "rip-off's" would seem alot more viable then...

And Blacklist SvM is for CoD players... Just talk to vets and read the Ubisoft Forums.

Vanilla i see you on ubi and you have complaints now... i wonder if you're still here, i've been around since the beginning, even worked with Bob the Vila on some projects in CT, and had my own little mapping indiscretions (DimmyKron's Estate) LOL..

Blacklist SvM will push away core fans soon enough, and you'll be stuck with tazer spamming, Full-Aggro Spies and generally, exactly as frvge put it, a CoD clone, just with ninja's on one side.

Public Discussion / Re: So you want a preview of the Merc HUD?
« on: August 24, 2013, 08:51:06 AM »
I shared on my wall, and recommended you guys for Revolutionary Multiplayer, but even when i post a photo or a new Remix i get no response, i'm invisible on FaceBook lol...

CoD with Ninja's...

Hmm... Actually you know what? That actually fits in with that joke you call "Splinter Cell". I like it!!  :D

Ha!... didn't expect to see anyone active in here this late...

Blacklist is freakin' awesome, but i didn't get it for SvM.

DRSLives... that is Exactly what Ubisoft did, misrepresenting the game's SvM Multiplayer in interviews stating over and over it will be true to legacy... they lied, and it will be the end of Legacy SvM for Ubi and the beginning of CoD with Ninja's...

... In walks Project Stealth ;)

But i see Splinter Cell surviving, more than that, Solo is a mixed bag for a reason, you can "HoneyBadger" your way through the missions, cuz "HoneyBadgers just don't care"... or you can basically Ghost through most of it. I don't have proof but for me there is about as much killing in SC1 (SAR) as there is forced on you in Blacklist.

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