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Join Us / Level Design/Lens Flares/Some Particle Effects
« on: August 29, 2013, 10:20:31 AM »

My name is Trevor Thomas and I've been designing levels for about 6 years. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow was the first multiplayer game I've ever played and was one of the reasons I got into game development, so it'd be a dream of mine to work on this game. I'd love to come on as a level designer. I don't model my own assets as well. In level design I aim for balancement in the level, which I feel like levels in games these days lack.

I am also capable of other things like designing lens flares, I can make simple particles effects like snow, rain, gust's, smoke, and more. I can texture in photoshop, edit videos, I am a music composer as well. I've also figured out how to make dust on screen, or lens debri like you see in AAA games today.

I've attached some pictures of a scene I through together which I think, out of all of my work, would match this game closely. It also has examples of some lens debri work.

Thank you,
Trevor Thomas

P.S. Just found out I can't attach any pictures. Could I have an email to send them too?

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