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Public Discussion / Explain to me: Dedicated Severs
« on: December 15, 2010, 06:59:39 PM »
I was messing around with CT yesterday, and stumbled upon the Dedicated Server deal it has.

Now for conversation-sake, let's assume I know nothing about Dedicated Servers (because let's also assume google is broken... and the search function on this site). I'd like someone to explain to me the pros and cons of this ability as it pertains to the average consumer (me).

Why would I want to make my own dedicated server for a game?
What are the limitations?
What is the preferred equipment for running your own (would an average Internet connection do?)?
Can I play in my own dedicated server?
Would playing in my own defeat the purpose of making one?
What are the other alternatives to dedicated servers?

If possible, use a game as an example (preferably one that's been heard of). I heard some debacle over CoD:MW2 and something to do with this kind of thing on PC (No dedicated servers?). People were pretty heated when it came to it. If you've used the one in CT, what are your experiences with it?

Lastly, what is PS's stance on this? How is the game going to be handled in terms of connecting the peers together? What options will be out there for people that want to invest in the game in this area (I hear stories of people buying servers to play their games on)?

General / Off-Topic / So I just beat The Witcher...
« on: November 24, 2010, 02:27:56 AM »
Gotta say, good game. Now my anticipation for the 2nd one is through the roof.

Usually when I'm playing a game "like" this one (In the sense that it's an RPG with choices) I'm content with only one choice that really makes me think. The Witcher though has a lot more of these moments than any games I've played. Striking more from personal moral stand points, rather than the developer's decisions on what's "Good" or "Evil".

Whether it be small choices, like a quest to kill stray dogs within a town. Dogs which will never attack you, meaning you yourself have intentionally find and kill them. Or big choices, like who you back when it comes to a big, unavoidable problem. With no counter ticking points in whether you're being Mr. Right, or Mastermind Wrong you really only can go on how you perceive the situation and it's eventual outcome.

It comes down to a story that feels more unique and personal. Sure, most "Choices" change things only on a face level, just replacing who helps you when in the same arc that you would have done either way. It is a game after all... Though I can look past that simply because some choices aren't as apparent on what they will do the instant you choose them. Some outcomes showing up hours and hours later than when you did them. Meaning there is no "reload your game to get the best outcome". You also never have the choice to please everyone, and each side has reasons why they are both good AND evil.

This all culminates into an epilogue that not only rehashes on your decisions, but truly set the stage for another game in a great way. Leaving seemingly unimportant, but obvious questions unanswered. Plus an end cutscene that raises even more.

All this and I didn't even add in the mods that can affect the game in HUGE ways, and a battle system that is more interactive than "Click on bad guy once, watch him/her die".

The Witcher 2 is going to build upon that, and give even more from the looks of it. Just from watching little trailers and interviews is just getting me psyched to see where it's all going from here.

Oh... and you can also do like 15 chicks/nymphs/"monsters" in the game, building your deck of "Sex Cards". Take that Mass Effect.

 :-[ Teehee!! That is all.

General / Off-Topic / HD Remakes of Prince of Persia (oh and SC)
« on: November 16, 2010, 09:49:21 AM »

Just thought this might interest a person or two.

Sounds like Ubisoft is just milking their fans, but MEH, if you got a Playstation 3 and extra dollars then you might be all for it.

I've got to bring back the age old SvM question though... Will it work on the Remakes?

General / Off-Topic / TF2: "Connection Failed After 4 Tries"
« on: August 23, 2010, 07:55:00 PM »
I'm throwing this up here because one of you may have ran into this problem before, and here's hoping that one of you know the solution....

So my friend and I like to play ourselves some TF2 when I'm over at his place. Most of the time we get in with no hassle. Get a hour or two of DoubleCross in, then we're done.

Now here's the problem... Sometimes there is a LOT of hassle to get into the same game. One of us will get in just fine, but the other will be left at the "Loading Screen" stuck at the "Connecting to Server" part of it's process.

Anytime it actually shows this "Connecting to Server" piece it's undoubtedly going to give us the error message in the title. Usually the "Connecting to the Server" part goes by so fast that you'd think "Parsing Game Info" was the first thing it did.

If one of us quits then other can join the server just fine, so we've come to assume it has something to do with the Interwebs/router. Whether we're both hardlined in, wireless, or a mix of the two we still have said problem. Eventually the other can get in, but the time it takes varies between mere minutes on a good day, and upwards into 45 minutes on a bad one.

After doing a google search, it seems as if this problem is somewhat common, some under different circumstances, but no-one seems to have a real definitive solution.

General / Off-Topic / SCCT Compatible Graphics Cards
« on: August 23, 2010, 06:46:48 AM »
So, perhaps this is an easy question, but what Graphics Cards don't require you to use 3DAnalyzer to play SvM "Right"?

Is it NEW cards that are a problem? Or is it SOME new cards? What is the cut off point?

Thought it only really affected the nvidia 8800 series, but testing SvM on my laptop showed me that this is also affected. (ATI Radeon HD 3200)

Also affected on my friends laptop. (Forget what that had)

Hit me with what knowledge you all have gathered so I don't have to put the effort into googling this.

Public Discussion / Spy Bullet
« on: August 16, 2010, 12:48:44 AM »
I've been thinking for a while and for this thread... Re-purpose is the name of the game this time. (And simply to bring back these AWESOME ideas)

I loved me some Spy Bullet, but others on here for some reason liked the Heartbeat sensor. Which did basically the same thing, without a limited number of shots... plus no voice hacking. If this is true, then instead of trying improve the spy bullet why not just make it have a whole new functionality.

Here is my proposal.

Throw out the Proxy Radar it had when shot anywhere. Trash the Merc voice hack (or MAYBE NOT).

INSTEAD of these, make the spy bullet a level/gadget oriented... gadget.


A while ago, wireless hacking (Of general panels, not objectives) was brought up. Much like DA, the further away you were the longer it took to hack. At minimum it would take at least a few seconds longer regardless. Shoot near a hackable panel and BAM. No more headshots because you want to open a door.

If possible I'd like Mercs to be able to see the wireless "Direction" through EMF. Like Tiny particals that points to where the Spy is hacking from.

Perhaps not though, Spies are already at a disadvantage with time. If this were in there then Spies should be able to hack from behind walls, or in vents. (Not have to be within eyesight, but just general proximity)

If said EMF Direction were not included. Then Eyesight must be maintained for the whole of the hack.


Mines are a bitch, but nothing we haven't come to terms with. Disarm and go on your way. Now if I were to shoot said Spy bullet on a Mine. It would simply disable the mine. Disarm is bad for Spies cause that means the Merc can set a new Mine. Disable simply takes the danger off the mine.

Through technological incapability (Not explained in game) this can only affect 1 mine at a time. So no... Disabling all the mines in a level.

Merc's can easily tell when their Mines have been disabled because instead of a blinking red light, it will be a solid green. It's up to him (or her) at this point to either simply take the Spy Bullet off, or take the mine somewhere new.


This one has already been brought up too.

Static defenses are also a bitch. They always try and warn the Mercs about even your most MINOR of slip ups.

So in opposition to this, when you shoot a Spy Bullet on a Motion detector or camera (Not camnet). It will now warn you (The Spy) of a Merc's movement in said area much like it does for the Merc.

Mercs could tell when a motion detector was bullet'd because it would blink for them; a camera if it was following them. Simply shoot the bullet off and it's back to normal.


Mercs love themselves some Camnet. Some people will camp ALL day just to get a glimpse of your position. Whether they tell their teammate to react, or actually do the dirty work themselves is up to them at that point.

With a Spy bullet on a Camnet Camera Spies will have themselves a makeshift sticky cam. Minus the Gas. To Mercs on Camnet, that camera simply wont pop up. Knowledgeable Mercs will get what's going on and go find the bullet... or get their teammate to do it.

DRAWBACKS (a.k.a. Why this isn't overpowered):

Now I know what you're thinking at this point, "Hey... with this gadget you wouldn't need ANY other gadgets. EVER." There is a price to pay for said gadget though.

In CT you had 5 Spy Bullets. PS would only have say... 3. Much like Merc mines and their millions of placements... you just don't have enough to do everything.

Again, through technological incapability Spies can only use 1 Spy Bullet at a time. This means that you can't disable a mine, take out a camnet, and hack a door at the same time. Each Spy Bullet disables the last active one.

Lastly. You miss. You lost one. You better have a plan, and good aim. There is no do-overs with this gadget.

I have a feeling I've already had this whole thread before, but like I said at the start. I love me some Spy Bullet.  8)

General / Off-Topic / Traps
« on: August 15, 2010, 03:20:59 AM »

There you go Tidenburg

Public Discussion / Traps
« on: August 15, 2010, 02:53:45 AM »
Okay. Random thought popped into my head.

People (I) usually place mines near Medboxes. It's cool. It's fun. It sometimes kills people. Now it's a little hokey on how you set that up. Usually you try to find some tricky spot to hide it (On xbox you could partially plant it inside the medboxes if set underneath).

Now what IF...

You could plant them inside. A Trap if you will, but this time a legitimate action.

Obviously you couldn't just make it an instant kill, or if you did it would have to be pretty blatant that it was in there....

OH WAIT. I got it!

So most people (I) just run up to a medbox and jam on the action button to get some health. Well let's pretend again that this time there is a mine inside of said medbox. When you run up to it, instead of two options, "Heal, Cancel" there would be a THIRD option, "Disarm Mine/Trap/Death dealer".

Now it's a Trap. So unlike setting a proxy, where it blows up when they get near, it blows up when they open it.

To make it less stupid the "Disarm" option would be the second one (Above Cancel, but below Heal). Heal being highlighted first. So those who hammer the action button will get a nice heal, right before a face full of death. The observant spy though will see the "Disarm" option and disarm it first before healing. Disarming will take just as long as it does taking off any mine so the poisoned spy doesn't have an unfair chance of dying because of this.

Pretty good, right?


Oh, and the Mercs MUST have Mines to get this option. Much like the Spies options, the Merc will have a 3rd, if mines are equipped, "Trap" Option when they approach a Medbox.

PERHAPS Spies can also have a variant of this. Using say.... The... Adhesive Cam (That hurt to type). No disarm? Sleeping Gas all up in the Merc's face.

General / Off-Topic / Voice Mask
« on: August 10, 2010, 05:13:18 PM »
So... for those of you that played original Xbox. Who all remembers the Voice Masks?

What's the chance that we can get some of that sweet nectar of animosity driven vocal communication up in PS?

What I wouldn't give to sound like a Robot, or like my balls have dropped... to the ground. Sure, you couldn't understand a word the person was saying, but then again... it's not what they say, it's how they say it, and they made that mish mash of garbled words sound like poetry in motion.

Public Discussion / Map Making Questions
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:45:03 PM »
Now eventually a PS Specific Map Maker will come out, or at least I expect one. I myself have never used a map maker in any sense other than watching someone play Forge mode on Halo for a few minutes.

My questions pertain to how free are we all going to be able to make stuff.

Will there be a number of set pieces that we can arrange to our liking, or can we build whatever we want from scratch? (Set pieces like Forge Mode)

Will there be limits? Like, "You cannot make a map bigger than X*Y*Z", "You must have X amount of hack spots", "You can only have 1 spawn point for each team", etc.

Will we have to go through the UDK Editor, or will there be a PS Specific Editor?

To create truly new stuff, such as a new material texture, would you have to know Maya or 3dsMax? If so, would you be able to import it easily?

Will there be an easy way to download said maps, such as auto-download in-game or uploading them to PS site? (This was answered before I believe, but oh well)

If uploading to the site is the process, would there be a size limit? (As in megabytes size, not level.)

Again, I'm not exactly sure how a Map Maker works, so these are just random questions off the top of my head.

Public Discussion / Project Stealth - The Name Game
« on: August 04, 2010, 05:39:58 PM »
Kind of a dumb question, but I thought I'd ask.

Project Stealth... is that just a working name that is subject to change when the game is finally finished, or is it the actual name of the game?

General / Off-Topic / Chaos Theory on the 3DS?
« on: July 17, 2010, 06:45:02 PM »
Has anyone else noticed that the lineup of 3DS games that were announced includes Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?

With Ocarina of Time also in the list I have to wonder if they are going to port the console version, or make an altered Handheld version. (Such as an extreme example of this being Mobile phone games vs Console games)

The images lead me to believe that it's a Console port, but maybe I'm wrong.

Plus the big question if it is a Port... Think SvM would be included?

After just viewing the E3 Trailer of Deux Ex 3 (Link at the bottom) I have come to reminisce about my past iconic experiences with the series. Whether it be that tough choice between putting a point in Lockpicking, or putting one in Hacking. The knowledge of Deus Ex 1's beginning and knowing that right below the dock lies a boat with a cache of items within it... also knowing that without a point in swimming it might as well be a world away due to limited air supply. Resulting in either death or at the very least severe injury. The simple freedom the game gave you to play it the way you wanted was amazing to me at the time, but I've come to wonder why one choice has never really been looked upon in any game with the same mechanics.

Kill, or Don't Kill

Many games have employed a way to have a choice in the matter. Thief with it's blackjack, Splinter Cell with Knock-outs, Deus Ex and it's Tranquilizer gun and certain melee, Hitman with Anesthetics, Alpha Protocol's Takedowns, even Mass Effect 1 tasks you with trying to save a colony without killing them in the process. Maybe not all games give you the choice all the time, but it's when it they do that I find it odd that the choice you've made never gets a legit response.

(I know games like Hitman eventually told you how many people you killed in Newspaper format, if you were caught, which effected other levels because of notoriety. It's the starting point to this idea, but not entirely what I'm getting at.)

I usually play games trying to be sneaky, and not killing anyone (Knocking out is different). I generally try to throw my own personal tastes into the situations presented by the game to immerse myself even more. Which usually equates to, "These people have nothing to do with what I'm doing other than being in the way. I don't HAVE to kill them". Only problem with this way of playing is that immersion is lessened when at the end of the game they assume I'm some murdering twatbag.

(This is much in the same way that when you are in a huge battle in game and the NPC's die first thing. You finish the battle yourself, but in the following cutscene the NPC's show back up shouting "Yeah! WE did it!".)

THIS is what I want to change

I want to see a day when I'm playing through a game like Splinter Cell and when the final choice of, "To Kill, or Not to Kill" comes up... They actually play along with it.

Imagine if you will that they go Psycho Mantis on your ass and start yelling out things like, "You haven't killed anyone on your path to me. Do you actually value the life of the people you came across on your journey to me, or are you just unable to take the weight of ending a person's life yourself?". A newly crafted Scene created for you because of the way you played.

It's not even that hard to see coming true. It's much like Bioshock's choice of saving the Little Sisters vs. Harvesting them. Even ONE harvest means that you get a different ending. Enough harvests and you will be presented with a different cut-scene before the ending. Not a DRAMATICALLY different one, but different none the less.

I hope that the game of choice evolves to that with games like Deus Ex 3. Deus Ex 1 was touted for being able to beat the game without killing anyone. Can 3 bring a new standard to the way we play? Only time will tell.

tl;dr: I have to wonder why games with choices never look to your kill-count to add another level to your choices (if given the option to not kill through the whole game).


You all can shout out what you think on the subject, but I just wanted to get some thoughts out there that were in my brainular area.

General / Off-Topic / Sad Story of My Day
« on: April 16, 2010, 08:48:54 AM »
Short Version: Blew out my Video Card... and my Hard Drive Broke. :(

Long Version:

So lately my Desktop has been acting up and shutting down for no reason. Well.. the reason was obvious since I had experienced it before, but I was dreading what kind of omen it was putting in place for my financial life. My graphics card was overheating.

Today I decided to take apart my cleverly crafted desktop to put it through the normal, run of the mill, idiot checks to see if I was just missing something. I have had an ATI "some number"HD video card that in the summer got FAR too hot and overheated a lot... there was nothing I could do about it (easily), got a 8800GTX from my friend later and that solved the problem. The new(er) video card now having the same problems, I was fearing the worst. I pulled it out to find that maybe my wallet wasn't going to be affected too badly because of the simple fact that the fan was clogged with dust. I took it outside and blew it out only to have all of that stush blow in my face. All seemed well at this point (Except for the dustgasm in my face)...

Looking back into my computer case I noticed all the Standoffs had broken (Cheap Plastic ones), so my motherboard was held up merely by... the video card and cables. I start to unhook all the cables so that I can get my Motherboard out to clear it of broken, plastic remnants. A little bit of work was in order, but the fix for that was cheap and I didn't need my computer right that second.

I get to what I assume is the "Power" Cord for my hard drive and it takes a nice tug to finally get off. I bump my hand against the back of my Hard Drive, but everything seems to be in order so I continue on my way. Wading through the jungle of cords and cables I finally get it out. CPU fan has a little dust on it so I go and blow that out also. Everything seems to be going well. I set the board down and take a breather.

An hour goes by and I get bored and come to the conclusion that: If the computer worked just fine beforehand without all the standoffs being there then it should work now... Plus I want to see if dust was indeed the culprit of my video gaming restraints (Forcing moderation upon me... BAHUMBUG). So I put the board back in, put some cords back into their place, and figure out how to put the video card back in it's home. All seems well till I get to the Red SATA cord that connects to my MoBo to my HD. I go to stick it on the back of my Hard Drive and Lo and Behold... It doesn't fit anymore.

Now I'm not saying I'm some Computer Tech Whiz or anything, but I'm not 100% that I'm putting the cord in the right spot. I don't REMEMBER taking the cable off, but I know I'm looking for a little "L" piece of plastic that fits the cable end. I take a peek at the back of the Hard Drive, notice what seems to be bend gold connectors, I bend them back... those things are durable... and go search the Internet via Laptop for a Second Opinion only to find that I SEEM to have the right spot. Something is missing though.

At this point it dawns on me what has happened... That bump from before... the one that hit the Hard Drive. THAT knocked the cable off. Knocked meaning broke that bit o' plastic that makes everything all fine and dandy connecting that cable to that Drive. Those bent bits were the aftermath of my silent destruction...

Now my wallet is giving me a disappointed stare as I look upon the internet for replacement Hard Drives.

Time to add Hard Drives to my list of "Reasons why I shouldn't own Electronics"...

1.5TBs of goodness... Struck down in its prime... :(

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