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Public Discussion / What would YOU like to see in next tick tock ?
« on: May 22, 2009, 10:26:39 AM »
I know it hasn't been long since the last tick tock and that this topic is not official but I guess it would be nice if people write here what they want to see after each time.

As for me, I'd like to see implemented Merc's gun in fpp with flashlight, shooting and launching different types of nades. It would be really cool to see HUDs :)
Also perhaps some music from our composer ?

General / Off-Topic / Black Mesa
« on: December 01, 2008, 12:18:29 PM »
Check this out, theyre recreating original Half Life using Source engine, cant wait.

General / Off-Topic / Paying for playing
« on: September 23, 2008, 03:23:01 PM »
I've read an article at Kotaku saying that many AAA games, like GTAIV, Fallout3 or Dawn of War2 are heading for Games For Windows only, including the "Live" option. Although Microsoft is, as far, denying that players will have to pay for playing online I see no other purpose of creating GFW Live cause Windows is the only platform at which many people play. Why would Microsoft pay for servers, bonus content and make all this effort if they didn't get anything in return ?

So my questions is about paying. I would really have to think twice before I decided to pay additional money for something that has been free since the beginning. To be honest, I don't really need all these gamertags, achievements and other console things.

Presentation Forum / New logo
« on: February 20, 2008, 10:53:13 PM »
I hate it. Its like taken from Transformers or 1990's game. Previous one was much better.

Public Discussion / camnet and bullets/ snares
« on: February 04, 2008, 02:32:11 PM »
I think it would  be a good idea if bullet placed near camnet showed merc using it on spy's radar. He could be visible for up to 1-2 secs after.

Also snares could somehow affect camnet. As I remember, during the discussion over camnet, someone said that every camera could have its "loading time" when you switch to it. Perhaps snares placed near these cams could increase that time.

Public Discussion / Blood
« on: December 24, 2007, 09:10:00 PM »
Do you guys think that there should be blood in game ? How much of brutality should be there ?

Public Discussion / Nightvision
« on: December 18, 2007, 10:07:22 PM »
I decided to make a topic about it, cause now this vision is used hardly ever. IMO it is because people know maps well and they dont need to take additional risk to get detected. Perhaps if we added new functions to nv it could become used much more often.
I know there were a few ideas but it wasnt anything discussed widely.

My first proposition is to add to nv an ability to detect cams area of detection.

Public Discussion / KO effect
« on: December 14, 2007, 12:31:29 AM »
I made a new topic, so discussion is not disturbed.

How about this:

When spy knocks down merc, when he gets up his visor is broken (not all ofc but you can see a few cracks on it).
It would not obstruct the sight (like chaff e.x.) but sometimes (not very often) it would make visions and flashlight randomly turn off, so he had to turn them on again. Nice add, not abusive, not overpowered but bit frustrating.

What do you guys think ?

Public Discussion / Electronic Glove strikes back
« on: December 05, 2007, 09:58:27 PM »
Before you say that this idea is rubbish, it destroys CT completely and that we have already discussed it please read carefully, there are things I didnt include while presenting this idea before.

1. Electronic Glove would be an option to take instead of SS.
2. You cant ss the merc with glove and you cant launch nades but you get the ability to set nade traps on the ground or walls, which you can detonate when you want. When they get detonated, the effect is similar to the one when nades blow up. Traps are destroyable and visible by merc (if they are not hidden behind e.g. the corner). They are visible like cams on EMF. You can set as many traps as many you have nades but only 1 at a time. One trap can include up to 2 nade types in it, which blow up simultanously after detonation. For example you set a trap made of chaff and smoke.
3. You can hack remotely, but you dont store data like in DA - its normal hacking. The range is very limited - up to 4-7 metres. Hacking speed depends on how close you are to the hacking device. When you hack, you cant stop immediatelly. It takes the same ammount of time to enter/exit hacking mode as it gets for spy to start/stop hacking when its done without glove.
4. When you hack objective with your glove, it makes a sound which pings the reticle. The closer merc gets to the area of hacking objective, the better he hears it.
5. You can only hack objective from the same terrain level as the objective.
6. The thing with remote hacking is that in some situations spy can survive thrown nade and merc cant snipe him automatically
7. Spy using the glove is visible on EMF
8. Spy who chose glove can launch cams, bullets, snares and use HBS.
9. Spy with glove can break glass/lights very fast
10. He can also hack the merc for limited time, he doesnt have to do it from the same terrain level. It takes some time but after this merc cant snipe, use visions, his flashlight blinks mad and vision is distorted (how much is a matter of balance).
11. Range of glove when hacking merc or breaking lights is much greater than when hacking obj. 
12. Glove gives you better camo battery
13. HBS gets a better range, bullets make no sound when fired and their time of working is extended.
14. Glove allows you to use the HBS very fast, it doesnt make a sound then. Because of glove spy cant taz he has to know where mercs exactly are to avoid them.

I dont expect this idea to be added to the game immediatelly. I hope it will be reconsidered when beta or final game is released and devs will have time to work on it.

Public Discussion / Instead of berserk
« on: December 03, 2007, 06:49:14 PM »
Coping berserk animation could be a copyrights violation thats why It may be good to put something instead of it.

I was thinking about a field that the merc would launch. The effect could be similar to the one when he stands up after being knocked down - bolts everywhere on his body. When he enables it, he would not be able to move for a sec. The range of this could be similar to berserk's range. It would also solve the problem when the spy tries to jump on merc's head. In CT it looks a bit crappy when merc makes 360 and spy gets hit altough he jumps on head... There could be some nice graph. effects added - like blurs or merc's screen colour changes.

After this merc could be a little exhausted so he would have to kneel, falter or bend for 0,5-1 sec (in CT he just couldnt move)

Public Discussion / Snow Prison map (concept)
« on: November 20, 2007, 10:21:36 PM »
Because I dont want to interrupt the discussion about Jungle map I decided to move my map concept, which I updated about 3 times since beginning.

map: Snow Prison
weather: heavy snow, night
location: North-West coast of Norway, abandoned prison, built in 1930-1940s. The prison was used by Nazis during the war and was finished by them when they took control over Norwegy. It was used to hold and interrogate ally high officers captured during fights. It was known as the place where many people lost their lives in a very cruel way. It was abandoned after the war because of its history and bad weather conditions. Its condition is 3/4 well with 1/4 half-ruined.
As said it is located on top of the cliff on coast. The cliff is not very high tho. From the opposite side there is a road leading to prison but spies dont use it because of heavy guard and expectations of mercs.
The spies get to the location by water and they begin on a very small beach-like, rocky ground.
To get to the place they need to climb up - several ways. When they do it, theres a wall in which there are few passes. There also may be some cooping ways.
Behind the wall there is a courtyard with obstacles on it behind which spies can hide. They are important because mercs see most of courtyard and can snipe from windows - and perhaps tower. They cant launch nades tho, cause there are bars in windows.

2nd part:

After running through the courtyard spies get to the wall. There are doors but constantly closed, so mercs cant ever access the courtyard. Thats also 2nd spawn for spies (orph style). There are many ways to go from there, I wont exactly say what location of which rooms should be on this map but I can name some areas.


One of the areas is a long corridor. On one side of it you can see cells. There are 2 floors of cells. Its a bit  lightened. The light of moon gets through windows located oppositely to cells, you can see falling snow. Some of the panes are broken. There are no windows inside the cells. Some of them are empty, in some you can see beds, theres a mess. Also the corridor isnt clear. There are random objects not placed as they should be. Walls are mostly grey. You can see dampness and mould. Wall tiles fall off. Between some cells there are connections. Some holes lead to the sewer system and then to other rooms. In few cells spies can put explosive devices which will destroy the wall and create a passage to other rooms. There is also a way to close some of the cells using a ledge, not everyone of them, its broken. They open automatically after about 15 sec. Its important cause if you could close them for no time, it would be too easy to realise that spies are in the room - cells would be opened by them then. When you close a cell, you cant throw a nade into it. It makes a difference when trying to get rid of expl. device, merc has to snipe it in that case or spend time to open cells, which can be closed by another spy using ledge on the 2nd end of corridor - ledges are located on both sides of corridor. When merc gets caught, he has to call his partner or wait till cells open. Same with spies. Theres no passive defence here - no reason for it.

I know im rubbish at drawing, but just wanted to show you how i see it.

3rd part:

Death Chamber

Another zone is divided into 2 rooms, theyre med size. One of them is a death chamber. There is a single electric chair standing on a small platform. In the room there is also a spot where you can see 1 ledge and 1 small old-looking hacking panel. Behind the chair, theres a objective-hacking device.
Electric chair stands frontly to the big pane behind which there is 2nd room in which you can see chairs standing. In past they were used by executions spectators. There may be some other objects in the room. The glass cannot be fully destroyed-broken but when the merc shoots, (only) single sniper bullets can go through. This is the idea: When spies want to hack objective in a death chamber they can do 2 things:
pull the ledge (described above), so the curtain falls and its impossible to see what is happening there. If a merc is pro, he usually will know where the objective is and he can try to snipe spy's head from the other side of pane, when he is hacking. Its possible because in hacking position 1/2 of spy's head is sticking out from behind of chair. But thats not all. Spies can also hack the old-looking panel so the electricity goes to the chair for about 30 sec. This gives 2 advantages to spies: 1st: It makes the EMF go insane, flashing merc when hes trying to look in chair's direction. Spies can use their  2nd vision so they see if merc is coming without being afraid that he can turn emf and snipe them easily while theyre on thermal. They can also use camo (or nightvision e.g.). Ofc if merc is a pro he can also try to snipe spy without any vision.
2nd effect of hacking the chair is that electric things start to behave weird in a building (or its part).
As for now, i mainly thought about blasting electric bulbs. They can also start blinking slowly (You could see this effect in a "Green Mile" movie.) Hacking this, could also somehow affect passive defence or other things - but its a task for map creator when balancing it. When you hack objective it could turn lights on map partially.

here's a drawing of that room:

4th part:

The morgue

Another objective room. Its not very big. you can see beds covered with dirty, old sheets. This room can be compared to orph's classroom. Beds are placed similarly to desks. At walls you can see closets with doors for bodies. In the room there are also empty tables. Objective is located somewhere on back.


Long tables for prisoners and a counter behind which you can see big ovens, cauldrons and other kitchen stuff. Everything looks very old and untidy.

Ideas for other zones:

solitaries, attic

Anyone got any opinions ?

Public Discussion / Requesting ban
« on: November 15, 2007, 08:50:56 PM »
I know that one of the unwritten rules of this forum was not to ban people but I see this case to be far different from what we could expect.

I want to ask all you people if you want to ban reason.

his behaviour is completely incomprehensible, he insults people almost each time he posts - I could give an example of it but its a waste of time, we all know what he wrote. His last method to make people angry is intentional necroing threads. Theres only 1 point to do that - flame war. What is more, you can see that in many threads he doesnt even try to talk about the topic...but thats not enough (cause every of us goes OT sometimes), he places multiply posts which have nothing to do with Splinter Cell - like his application to enter the dev team posted in few threads...

I really find banning people the capital punishment on forums, which should be avoided at all cost, but this guy is a worst type of a troll and his only purpose here is to make us all feel bad.

I hope thats the last time we vote for banning...
Im also sorry that its my part to start the poll...

Poll will run 15 days.

Public Discussion / What should be hacked?
« on: November 09, 2007, 06:26:39 PM »
I think we can discuss the matter, what will be the main hacking object. Is it going to be PC - like in CT or something else - ND133 (PT) ? Or perhaps you have ideas how to change the way hacking is performed.
Do you think spy while hacking should have constant contact with object or should it look like in DA, or perhaps both solutions are ok. Should there be modems again ?

IMO laptops is dull idea but i can live with it. If its not a problem there could be something new though

edit: fixed title at request

Public Discussion / Different abilities
« on: October 26, 2007, 06:41:00 PM »
Ive got an idea. What if before the game starts you could choose the "type" of merc you want to play. Mercs would be divided into few cathegories and every of them would have an extra ability ( I mean an ability, not a gadget). That would be:

Merc Sprinter -    Allows you to run faster for few secs
Merc Sniper -      When you zoom, you get no (or less) brief penalty
Merc Basher -      You get an extra metre (or more) when you charge and your charge takes more health 
                         when hit by (2/3)?
Merc Survivalist - When you fall from height, you get less freeze time, you lose less HP and when the
                         spy falls onto your head or strikes you down, you lose less health (need to fall or strike 
                         3 times instead of 2 to kill you) and  (or not) third - you go unconcious for shorter time
                         when these 2 are performed. This should not be OP so perhaps its ok when only part of
                         it is included into this ability.

Perhaps spies should also have abilities. If you like my ideas I could think about them as well.
Abilities would not affect the look of the character and would be a nice additional option that could make the game less predictable and more entertaining. Abilities listed above were thought so they are not OP or make the game impossible to win by spy.
I think that cool bonuses can be done using % but im not sure if you guys can implement them.
Waiting for your opinions.

Public Discussion / how its gonna end ?
« on: July 26, 2007, 11:16:21 AM »
Hi, I want to say few things. First of all, im a bit sceptical about your project mainly cause i know that 90% of mod projects never end and here you have to create a GAME with all basics. I really hope you know your job, cause otherwise we will have to play scct till the end of a world with all these glitches. If You succeed
Ill be the first one to say you did good. One thing i hope you guys know is that the time is your enemy. The sooner you do most of work, the bigger chance you finish all. Hope you dont screw this :)

PS. Hi to all forum members.

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