Author Topic: COME BACK!! The opression has stopped!  (Read 5167 times)

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Re: COME BACK!! The opression has stopped!
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2009, 12:43:57 AM »
People who actually care about sc:c should come back . Imho . Even thought it might be crap i will still get it because it is a Splinter Cell game.
k, that's blinded fanboyism. I won't buy it, because it's just a sucky gameplay idea, support will be bad again causing people to waste 50-60 dollars/euros on a sub-par game with good graphics.

AS i said on ubi forums . At the moment i see Sc:C as a Hitman rip off . And i like hitman games very much so i'll buy sc:c because of it . That gameplay is worse than l/s BUT i also like that gameplay.

I don't find the gameplay idea sucky . I find it sucky that they had to change the game i liked to a game which is different . They could have just made another franchise ........ not change splinter cell . But the gameplay idea in itself is not that bad . Social stealth is the foundation of hitman and that game is quite good.
On the multiplayer end: there's nothing wrong with a dev changing a game after 2 installments of it with limited player base. However, they failed to change it in the right direction. Additionally, their multiplayer support has been atrocious throughout, so I have no reason to think they'll be any different with SC:C.